Milk&Moo Buzzy Bee Toddler Backpack

Manufacturer: Milk & Moo
11,676 Miles

The most hardworking member of the Milk&Moo Family, Buzzy Bee is collecting the most delicious honey by flying around the best sunflower fields !

Thanks to it's soft produced fabric, Buzzy Bee Backpack is so easy to carry and your kid will be full of comfort carrying it to the pool, daycare, play ground or anywhere else. Thanks to it's wide compartments you can keep your kindergarten lunch box and many other things inside. It's the best to carry your belongings and snacks with your Buzzy Bee preschool backpack as you wonder around the sunflower fields together ! 

Milk and Moo Kids Backpack Collection is suitably made for kids.

This Buzzy Bee backpack has a perfect size with a large compartment for everything your kids need to start a daycare. Additional external zippered pocket will be the fovourite place for delicious snacks.

It is made of ultra durable polyster for long life using and managable zippers to open and close smoothly.

Your kids can carry own clothes, toys, snacks, water bottles, juice flasks effortless with adjustable comfortable shoulder straps and extra padded back support features.This beautifully formed backpack is avaiable in 2 designs and colors. It is recommended for children three-years-old and up.

Product Details: 

  • Zippered Front Pocket is so comfortable to carry little things or snacks.
  • It's so easy to carry on the shoulders thanks to it's adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Wide Main Compartment.
  • Moving antennaes and wings ( Fly around with Buzzy Bee!)
  • Comfortable handle
  • Dimensions: 25x21 cm
  • Pocket Dimensions: 11x21 cm
  • Fabric and Cleaning:
    • It's only suitable for hand wash.
    • All surfaces are embroidery, the pockets are printed.
    • 100% Poliester
    • Lining is applied inside the compartments.
  • Because of it's long straps and small pieces, it's NOT suitable for the kids that are younger than 3 years old.