Milavanda Early Harvest, Cold Pressed, South Aegean Extra Virgin Olive Oil , 750 ml

Manufacturer: Milavanda
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Milavanda selects the best olives from the gardens of Aydın in the South Aegean region of Turkey. 

For the olive oils that we produce inspired by the traditional taste of the Aegean, green olives are collected in the early harvest period between September and October. After the collection process, olives are squeezed by first cold-pressed method without any chemical processing. It is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as the delicious member in your tables.

You will be able to use our olive oil which comes from the garden to your table without any doubt and you will love the taste.

We also preserve healthy olive oils in healthy glass bottles (consists of 750ml) for you. 

You can use MILAVANDA olive oil in all kinds of food.  

The maximum acidity ratio is 0.8%.