Milavanda Arbequina Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

Manufacturer: Milavanda
19,196 Miles


Before Milavanda Arbequina Olive Oil is produced, the best Arbequina spanish olives of Edremit gardens, which are not yet ripe and not fallen to the ground, are selected in September-October, where chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used. Olives that are not exposed to any chemical processes that are harvested early are squeezed by cold pressing method at 26 degrees in an oxygen-free environment and bottled without losing time.

Arbequina olives have their own scent of grass, greenery and greenery, and they have intense bitterness and burning in the throat that follows.

It can taste a little spicy to those who taste it for the first time. It has a heavy fluid consistency, dark green color and very strong.

It is very rich in terms of vitamin E, bio phenols and antioxidant values which are necessary for health. It is drinkable and can be used in all hot and cold dishes, salads. Acid rate is at most 0.8%.