Biggdesign Women Socks Kit

Manufacturer: AnemosS
8,436 Miles

These soft low cut socks protects your feet from moisture, cold or heat in all seasons. Your feet will be comfortable and fashionable with them every moment of the day. Biggdesign colored soft girl crew socks are designed by our artists, a great option for the sport clothing. In addition, soft, comfortable and durable fabric, can be considered as the perfect gift for your loved ones with colorful and cute design. In this set, Gizem Yalçin's "AnemosS" collection is available in three pairs of socks with their special design.The product consists of 3 aesthetic looking socks in different patterns produced for those who want to make the difference in style! Different fun colored socks with unique patterns for daily life or sports. %100 Cotton socks. Size 6 to 9. The product is sent with a special designed box.