Biggdesign Double-Headed Bracelet Silver Purple

Manufacturer: Biggdesign
8,236 Miles


Specially designed for Biggdesign by Işın Çaçur and produced in limited numbers.

Double-Headed Goddess Pattern: This product in Anatolian Civilizations Collection, BC. It is a reinterpretation of the two-headed goddess figurine unearthed in Kültepe, the first city founded by the Hittites in 2000. B.C. The idol, dated to the beginning of the 3rd millennium and the end of the 2nd millennium, is a schematic representation of the mother goddess and is considered to represent the goddess and her husband. In Anatolia, many gods and goddesses symbolizing events such as fertility, love, health and war were worshiped, although their names varied, but the mother goddess, symbolizing nature, all vitality and efficiency, became the greatest goddess worshiped. The idols depicting the mother goddess are in the form of the idol type defined as curved body at the end of the first Bronze Age. These are single-headed or multi-headed, single-cursive body schematic figurines.