Biggdesign Dogs Grey Hot Water Bottle

Manufacturer: Biggdesign
14,556 Miles

Biggdesign plush hot water bag is indispensable for cold winter nights. Simple and practical use of the hot water bag will help you give you hot compresses and relieve your pain, discomfort or stress. Our hot water bottle is an excellent help to get rid of stomach pain, back pain, muscle aches. With its soft cover, you don't want to leave this hot water pillow behind and you can travel easily, especially on a long flight or bus ride. You can also save it to your workstation for easy access when you need it. Its plush case prevents hot rubber from being in direct contact with your skin to cause burns. In addition, it can be used with or without its case. Made of durable material so you can use it safely everywhere. After use, you can wash the removable case in a smooth cycle at 86.0 F. With its fabulous and hairy dog design, this hot water bottle is a fun option as a gift for your friends on birthdays and vacations.