Babyjem Baby Reflux Pillow

Manufacturer: Babyjem
32,716 Miles

Reflux pillow offers 3-way  solutions for the baby with its 12 ° inclination; high head level for reflux, side sleeping pillow, anti-drowning pillow for children lying face down. In babies, in the first 6 months, they might vomit the milk they absorb due to the gastric valves and esophagus muscles that have not yet developed. This is called baby reflux. Doctors advising that side-lying positions are more appropriate so that babies are not harmed until 6 months; If the baby is lying face down, they recommend a perforated and permeable pillow to prevent suffocation. The reflux pillow keeps the head higher than the feet, allowing the baby to sleep more comfortably.

  • With its 80% cotton and 20% polyester fabric content and breathable texture, it does not harm or irritate your baby's sensitive skin.
  • The removable cover with its zippered design is hand and machine washable.
  • Reflux pillow for baby; It supports your baby's belly and waist in the side-lying position, and prevents the food eaten from going out of the stomach due to anti flathead baby pillow's inclination.
  • While the stomach is comfortable thanks to the inclination the crib wedge gives when lying baby's face down, eliminates the risk of suffocation even during lying down with its perforated sponge structure.