Garmin Dash Cam 55

Manufacturer: Garmin
164,215 Miles
98,533 Miles

This Garmin Dash Cam is like having a reliable eye-witness with you at all times. An easy-to-use, high-definition driving recorder with 2" LCD display, it records video with GPS for detailed time and location data pinpointing exactly where and when events occurred.

  • Snapshot feature lets you take still images
  • Remove it from your vehicle to capture collision damage
  • Incident Detection sensor automatically saves footage of collisions/incidents
  • Mounts to your windshield
  • Records your drive in high-quality 1440p HD video
  • Records in a continuous loop
  • Play back footage on the LCD display or later on your computer
  • Control it with your voice
  • Share the drive with Travelapse
  • Wirelessly sync videos to your smartphone
  • Driver awareness with forward collision warning and lane departure awareness
  • Model number 010-01750-10